Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lady Bug Tot School

Tot School

We started our official Toddler school with some of Love Bugs favorite things: Colors, Ladybugs (her room is filled with them), and the Letter L.

Love Bug is enamored with a series of books by Melanie Gerth- Ten Little Lady Bugs was Love Bug's first book in the series and is still her favorite.

This week we worked on:
We painted with red paint,
Made a red sensory box
Made red play dough from this fantastic recipe to play with.
We read 10 little Lady Bugs, .......
We used these great Ladybug Counting Cards that Liesel made (she's super creative- and puts me to shame) Love Bug loved them! She didn't want to share them, we're still working in that.
We sang Ladybug Ladybug fly away home

We found lots of letter "L's" around the house on a treasure hunt. We found pictures of things that start with "L" and we practiced writing L on a paper. I made an "L" with circles in it and Little Miss used her red dot pen to fill them in.

We've been having a great time!