Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Teddy Bear Train...the sequel!

We went on the teddy bear picnic train ride again this year. Love Bug and Jedi were so excited. We invited friends to join us this year too. 

Our conductor was very professional. Jedi said he things "he's a real train guy". He is. 
We LOVE the scenery

Love Bug's bear started doing tricks.

We met Goldie Locks! But the only bears we saw were the ones kids brought with them.

What a fun day!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

We love water!!

We've been busy with SUMMER!!

Last fall we took a family trip to Great Wolf Lodge and this year we went again with some tot school friends!!

Love Bug is still fascinated with the fountains.  

And water in general! 

We've also been spending time in the pool at our gym. Love Bug is doing really well in the water. Her Puddle Jumper life jacket is the BEST INVENTION EVER! as far as water goes. I love it, she loves it. She's still getting lots of swimming skills but is so safe in the water. She's a dare devil, that girl. So I would literally have to be holding her the entire time she's in the water if she wasn't wearing a life jacket. 

Summer fun!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's a small world after all

Love Bug and I took a little trip with a friend and her tot. We had a great time and Love Bug had a blast on her first trip to Disneyworld!
Here are some of our fun pictures:

On our airplane trip we did LOTS of tot activities. See all the fun stuff we did HERE

LOTS of fun!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Butterfly Tot School

Tot School
Love Bug is currently 38.5 months old

This week we learned about butterflies. It was suppose to be bugs also...but we got really focused on butterflies, and that was plenty. 

We are super excited because we are raising butterflies!! 

We ordered a kit from Insect Lore

and also ordered the classroom refill kits from their website directly. We divided up the caterpillars between all of our tot school friends. 

Love Bug and her siblings are raising 15 caterpillars!

This week we worked on our fine motor skills with our Scatterpillar game

 Made AB patterns with some bug erasers (Love Bug is getting really good at AB and we've started adding ABB and AAB)
 Learned how butterflies grow
 Watched a Youtube video of butterflies growing
 Had a butterfly snack (thank you pinterst)
 Made cute butterfly glass hangings with clear contact paper and paper (thanks CH)
 Love Bug's finished piece

 Read the very hungry caterpillar
 and then practice our fine motor again by stringing all the foods he ate

 and learned how to take care of our caterpillars and help them grow into butterflies

We can't wait to see our butterflies, but we have several weeks still!!

We also took a field trip to a local Butterfly conservatory

 So much butterfly fun!!