Sunday, March 25, 2012

Garden Tot School

Tot School
Love Bug is currently 37 months old

This week for Tot school we learned about gardens/plants. Love Bug has recently become very interested in watering plants around our home, and with spring beginning it was the perfect time to jump into a garden unit. I loved the preschool pack from Home School Creations


We took a trip to Home Depot's garden center. The kiddos went on a scavenger hunt looking for things you need to plant and grow a garden.

They "planted" themselves in some pots :) One of the employees came running over and said he wanted to get in a pot as well.

Love Bug picked a houseplant of her own to plant and take care of.

 We headed to the park for more school fun
We made this adorable blossom painting using the bottom of a soda bottle. I found the idea here (I couldn't find any empty bottles lying around and didn't want to waste the soda- or drink it :)

 We started lima beans and are watching for them to sprout.

The tots made their own yummy flower treat (thanks RJ)
With cookie dirt, pudding, and gummy worms.

And then they were off to play!

We LOVE spring!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Rainbows and St Patrick's Day Tot school

Tot School
Love Bug is currently 37 months old

This week for tot school we focused on Rainbows for the most part and threw in some St Patrick's Day as well. We talked about how rainbows are made- which for Love Bug consisted of the following:

Clouds make it rain- Cumulus clouds don't rain,  nimbus clouds do. Most clouds that you see raining are cumulonimbus clouds because they are puffy, tall, dark,  and dropping a lot of water
(It's probably not normal for a 3 year old to know their clouds, but Love Bug had a passion for clouds, and I knew them, so we talked about them a lot. She knew the difference when she was 2.5 years- not normal)

Rain-  rain waters plants, fills lakes streams and rivers, etc.

Rainbows- Rainbows are made when light goes through drops of rain.
We used glasses of water to shine a light through to make our own rainbows

All that water talk made Love Bug beg to play in the water. I finally pulled out a great thrift store find from last fall. Our water table.
She played with toys most of the time. We made some rainbows reflecting light through a magnifying glass.

But mostly she did stuff like this.....

and told me she was a cumulonimbus cloud because her hair is raining....

More rainbows!! We sorted colors
Found the letter C with our Do-a-dot
counted gold coins with our number pots of gold

We had a yummy rainbow fruit snack (thanks RG)
Played on a rainbow xylophone
We learned about mixing colors. I put the primary colors in ice cube trays.  
The tots put yellow and blue in a separate square to make green, then blue and red to make purple, and yellow and red to make orange.

They used their new palette of colors to make a rainbow. I gave them q-tips for each color and it worked great!

They made little Leprechauns- which ended up being more of a mom project but Oh So CUTE! (thanks CH)

Later in the week we went to a St Patty's party with other tots.
Musical clovers

Leprechaun hunting

Yummy rainbow and green food!

Love Bug and I brought rainbow cupcakes

I love this picture. Love Bug and her bestie were discussing the layers of color in their jello cup. They were so cute!
Rainbows are so much fun!!