Sunday, February 26, 2012

Love Bug Turns 3!!

Love Bug turned three and celebrated with a Fairy party!!
Happy Birthday Love Bug. It's "fairy" nice having you in our family.

You can see her party details here.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine tot school

Tot School
Love Bug is currently 36 months old

We LOVE Valentine's Day!!

This week was another crazy week! We did school, but trying to keep my head above water AND remember to take pictures-- didn't happen. We used the lesson plans for Over the Big Moon.


"school" ended up being just Love Bug and one friend.
We played with a counting mat that I made and have been using for lots of activities.
 Hunted for "V's" and marked them with hearts

Then our do-a-dot 

We had heart snacks

went hunting for hearts

had even MORE Valentine treats

Then we had a little Valentine exchange party with friends that aren't part of Tot school.

This is Love Bug's Valentine she gave out.

Gotta love my Love Bug!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The real BOOM

Our Tot school last week ended in a trip to the park. It was definately something that went along with our theme. Love Bug went "boom" onto the ground and ended up at the ER with a concussion. We were asked to lay low on the teaching side for a while to let her brain heal- no strainous thinking :)

In addtion, two other tots had some accidents after we left for the it really was Chicka Chicka boom boom. We do what we can to stick with our theme. :)

This week we did a winter theme, but with Love Bug's injury we really didn't do anything with her own, and didn't get pictures of tots together.

Here's to more chicka and less boom in the future.

Chicka chicka boom boom

Tot School
Love Bug is currently 35.5 months old

This week in school we did Chicka Chicka boom boom, based on the book by Bill Martin Jr.
We LOVE this book!

We played with our Chicka Chicka boom boom tree
This was a crafting adventure of mine a year or so ago. Love Bug and Jedi love to play with it. To make your own, click on the photo to take you to the instructions.

We read the story- Love Bug and I read it so many times this week, she could almost say it herself.
 We practiced keeping the beat ...."Chick chicka BOOM BOOM"
 We matched upper and lowercase letters- I saw this idea somewhere on the web, but the person who posted it didn't have a link. In the amount of time I spend looking for it, I could have made my own! Finally found it though, and HERE it is. :)

 We hunted for letters

 Then each tot said the letters they found as they put it into the pot to make "alphabet soup"

 We made our own coconut tree snacks
 Learned about coconuts- the tots liked shaking it to hear the coconut milk.
 We glued our own coconut trees

It was great week at tot school!!!

Children's museum

We took a road trip with some Tot School friends to a fantastic children's museum. It was A LOT of fun!
It started in the wee hours of the morning and ended after bedtime. A lot of driving for a day trip, but oh so worth it. Love Bug's brother and sister came along too.

Love Bug is a shopper. No really---she LOVES to shop. When we have a lot of stores to go to, she's a super trooper. She complains if we only go to one store on our outings. "Don't we need to go to Target? Or Michael's? I don't want to *just* go to the grocery store!" And she doesn't ask me to buy things for her (?).

This Awesome play store was the favorite stop of the whole trip. We spent a collective 1.25 hours in it.

There was also a little hospital area in it. The kids could be doctors or patients, use dolls as patients. It was pretty cool.
It even had a CT machine.
What a fun trip!