Sunday, August 14, 2011


We took a day trip to a fun train ride in Maryland. Love Bug and her brother Jedi LOVED it!

It was open seating and we happened to be in the right place to board first. We chose the open car, because it was 92 degrees outside.

They brought their bears, were given Teddy Grahams, and couldn't wait for the train to get going!

Love Bug had such a great time! She was so excited every time the whistle blew.
The train ride was 35 minutes each way. It went past farms, trees, and along the freeway for a while.

Jedi's favorite part was going over a bridge and stream.

The Conductor came and took the ticket stubs. Love Bug thought he was funny.
Once I told her she could stand up, she didn't want to sit down.

On the way back, we stopped at a community park for a picnic. They had storytime too, Goldielocks, but Jedi didn't want to go, so we headed back to the train.

We sat in the kaboose on the last part of the trip.

Jedi had an awesome seat up top!

It was a great trip and we'll definitely be doing it again!!