Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pirate Tot School

Tot School
Love Bug is currently 36.5 months old

This week we had plans for a different theme, but we had to switch it to work with our field trip. We decided last minute to do Pirate. ARRRRRR!!!! I'm so happy we did. It's one of my favorite weeks so far. Love Bug had a blast, and so did all her friends (AND even Jedi-- who played with Love Bug after his school a few days.)

I made pirate hats for all the kiddos with my Silhouette (*LOVE*)

The tots watched Jake and the Neverland Pirates (Disney JR) while we waited for everyone to arrive.

We did our Do-a-dot letter P and Pirate from Here

We played with our treasure chest counting game that I made- a knock off of THIS great game. I bought the chests from Oriental Trading. In our version, each box has a number on it and you fill it with that number of jewels. I bought the jewels as Michaels.

We practiced our fine motor skills by hooking "R's"!!
I made hooked hands out of a plastic cup and foil wrapped around a pipe cleaner.
I cut out the letter R for all the tots and placed them in an upside down ice tray to be the waves of the ocean. The tot's hooked their R's...over and over again. This was one of Love Bug's favorite activities.

We played "Captain says"

We practiced balance by "walking the plank"

We has a super cute pirate snack (thanks RJ)

Then we played "Roll and Sail". I made these cute pirates ships with my silhoutte :)
Each tot had one a nd a cup with a die in it. My cups and die were from the game Pirates Dice.

I places tape on the floor, about a foot or so apart, from one side of the room to the other. There was a treasure chest at the end, which is where the pirates were headed. Each tot with the help of their mom, would roll the die, count the dots on their die and move that many lines. They all played until they reached the treasure.

Love Bug played this for the next two days. She LOVED it!

We went on a treasure hunt, with the tots reading a map and finding the land marks to get to the treasure. I made telescopes for the tots with wrapping paper rolls cut down and covered with foil. I also made a simple map for each tot using brown construction paper. Wrinkle and char the edges a bit (Confession: one of them caught on fire and I had to toss it in the sink and hose it down with water. :)

X marks the spot!

We glued pirate clothes on a pirate.

It was a great pirate week!!


  1. I LOVE this!!! I especially love the hooking the R's and walking the plank. What wonderful ideas. I'm definitely pinning this (hope that's okay)!

  2. What a fun week! I love the hook idea too - and the pirate ship dice game is a GREAT idea! Mine are BIG into games right now!

  3. How did u make the pirate's ships??? They are adorable

    1. I used a pattern from my Silhouette cutting machine. They were really easy to make.